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The NYPE allows NYC drivers the ability to alert members to the location of on street parking spots that are becoming available or to bid for a spot in a desired area. NYPE also helps you find the best areas to look for NYC on street parking for the specific date and time you need to park.

STOP Driving around the block just to find you are following another person looking for a parking spot!

HAVE YOUR PHONE REMEMBER where you parked, and Advertise when you're vacating a good parking spot.

FIND the best place to look for on street parking, at the best time!

NYPE is designed to take advantage, of the latest cell phone technology, and web technology. The only requirement is that you have a phone with GPS, Internet Browser with HTML5 support, an email address, and access to the internet. To Start: Use the site & Sign In, on an internet device with a nice screen size to familiarize yourself with the functions. Then start alleviating the frustration of finding parking by buying and selling information about parking spots.

Quick Overview of Parking Information

What are the NYC Parking rules

When the main page of NYPE loads, it checks your device for GPS functionality.
If it has GPS functionality, and you allow it's access, the map below loads with your current location.
If this location resides within the area that the NYPE has parking information, that information is loaded.
You can also:
Use the Pick Location & Time to see parking regulations in a different area or time frame. (by entering an address, zipcode, etc)
or double clicking anywhere on the map, to center it at that location and retrieve parking info.
Parking Status is denoted by color: FREE Pay Parking No Parking No Standing No Stopping
Tabs extending perpendicular from signs that currently have free parking, are drawn in Green / Yellow / Red:
Green Tab: Free Parking for over 24 hours.
Yellow Tab: Free Parking for over 12 hours, but less than 24 hours.
Red Tab: Free Parking for less than 12 hours.
WARNING: Parking information presented by this site is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate,
and it is up to the user to verify and follow the physical DOT signs and regulations, once they have parked.
Sample Scenario on how to use NYPE to decide where to look for parking.

Get Parking Info

Use GPS Position

NYPE looks up your current GPS position and retrieves any parking information it has at that location.

Pick Location & Time

You may enter an address or zipcode, etc, as well as the date and time you wish to park, and the relevant
parking information will be returned. (NOTE: this functionality works well on a computer when you want to
find parking a head of time.)

Show nearest Advertised Spot

Displays the nearest spot that someone is vacating, along with the date & time.

Show nearest Bid for Spot

Displays the nearest spot that someone is bidding for. Anyone vacating a spot near this bid may offer that
information to the person bidding.

Trading - (only enabled once Signed In)

I'm Parked!

You finally found it! Now remember where you parked by using this function (hint: if your GPS is not accurate, you may
have to double click on the exact location of your car, then perform I'm Parked function.)
(HINT: You can perform any of these functions (I'm Parked, Advertise Spot, Request Spot) from any device (computer, etc) by going
to, double clicking on the exact location of your car, and performing the function. The only functions that must be performed
with your phone is the EnRoute & AtLocation functions as they require your GPS data to be within 300ft of the relevant Spot Information.

Where Am I Parked?

If you performed the I'm Parked function, this will show you where your car is.

Advertise My Spot

If you performed the I'm Parked function, and you think you have a spot that others might like when you leave, then this
allows you to share that information with the other users. (If you like you can even try to sell this information, hit the $20 button.) When you advertise your spot, you can specify the date and time it will be available, and it is then displayed on the map for others to see.
NOTE: Any spots Advertised, whose Available date / time has expired are considered immediately available
(you do not have to update the date/time or remove the Advertised Spot, unless you as the seller wish to do so).
If a bid is accepted on an Advertised Spot whose Available date/time has expired, the Available date/time is adjusted
ahead by 5 minutes at the time the bid is accepted. (Buyer should only bid on immediate spots if they are able to
get to the spot within 5 minutes and then confirm or reject the transaction within the 5 minute confirmation window.

Request Spot

You've finally got a deal on a hotel, and all you need now is a place to park near it. You can Request a spot with this
function and the request will be displayed on the map at your desired location showing the time and what amount ($20 or $0) you're willing to pay for your request. Anyone parked near that location can offer Spot information to you and, you can accept or reject their offer.

Cancel Advertised Spot or Requested Spot

If you no longer wish to Advertise a Spot or Request a Spot, you can at any time cancel either.
NOTE: If you have offered money for information on an Available Spot, you will not be refunded, if you cancel your Request.

Transferring of Information

NOTIFICATIONS between Buyers and Sellers are passed via the email address used to Sign In, or via text message, if the user has verified an email address associated with their Phone number.

Buyer :
A Buyer starts a transaction on a spot by clicking on an Advertised Spot displayed on the map, or accepting an Offer on their Requested Spot.
A spot can be listed for FREE or for $20.
If there is a $20 amount associated with the spot information, the buyer must confirm the transaction by purchasing via PayPal. If the spot information is free, the trade is confirmed with out any PayPal payment transaction. The Buyer then proceeds to the designated spot at the agreed upon time. When the Buyer Signs In, NYPE displays the GPS position of the Buyer to the Seller and also fulfills the Buyer's requirement to prove that they arrived within 300 feet of the Seller's advertised location within a 5 minute window starting at the time that was agreed upon. Once the Buyer is at the location, at the agreed upon time they should turn their hazard lights on.
When Signed In, and the time has been reached, the NYPE webpage will present the option to the Buyer to either Confirm or Reject the transaction at this point.
If the Buyer Confirms, the Seller is paid the agreed upon $20 amount - NYPE FEE of $3.00 = $17, or nothing, if the Spot information was listed for Free.
If the Buyer Rejects the transaction, the Buyer is refunded the agreed upon $20 - (PayPal refund fee (currently 30 cents)) = $19.70.
A Confirmation or Rejection also updates each user's transaction counts which can be viewed by other members before they enter in to a transaction.
The Buyer has a window of 5 minutes starting at the agreed upon time to Sign In and confirm or reject the transaction. However they must be within 300 feet of the Advertised Spot to do so. The Buyer must verify that the location being advertised is suitable for their parking prior to entering in to the transaction (i.e. fits their parking duration needs), and/or prior to confirming the transaction (i.e. is a legitimate Spot).

Seller :
A Seller can advertise information about when they are leaving a spot.
Spot information can be advertised for Free or $20.
If a Buyer bids on this Advertised Information, the Seller is given the choice of either accepting or rejecting the Bid. If the Seller accepts the bid, the seller proceeds to the designated spot at the agreed upon time, and Signs In, NYPE shows the Seller where the Buyer is (if Buyer has Signed In), and verifies that the Seller is within 300 feet of the advertised location.
If the Buyer shows up and turns their hazards on, the Seller should turn their hazards on and vacate their spot as planned.

The Seller is paid the when the Buyer Confirms the transaction or if the Buyer does not show up (hasn't activated EnRoute function as required).
The Seller is paid either $20 - $3.00 NYPE FEE = $17, or nothing if the Spot was advertised for Free.
If the Buyer decides to reject the transaction for any reason, the Buyer is refunded the agreed upon Amount: $20 - (PayPal refund fee (currently 30 cents)) = $19.70 or nothing if the information was listed for Free, and the Seller is not paid.

NOTE: You can trade information for free (Amount = $0.00) and even buy and sell to yourself (for free) to get a feel for how the transaction works.
This should be done to make sure your phone is capable of completing a transaction.

Details on how to complete a transaction.


Sign In

Signing in is easy, click the sign in button.
This website uses Browser Id for user verification, see, for details.
Simple Description of BrowserId:
BrowserId verifies that you are the owner of the e-mail address that you wish to sign in to this site with. Once you've verified that you are the owner of the email address it only takes 1 or 2 clicks to sign in to NYPE.

Account Stats

Shows you status information about your account.

Verify Cell Phone#

In order to send texts to your phone, you must verify an e-mail address associated with your phone#.
Once you've verified your phone # / email address successfully, you can receive texts instead of emails with regard to
parking spot information, and receive bids or offers etc. If you do not verify your phone, all alerts are sent to the
email you signed in with.